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Me, myself and Ian :iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 0 0 Perchance to Dream :iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 0 0
And I WIll Never Be the Same
The light explodes and lands on you,
Deep inside –
From a fire that burns in the darkest well
And maybe it’s just meant to be…
It digs down and burrows
It beckons - it pulls me in -
Deep beneath the seams
I think I’m headed for a setting sun…
And we will unravel –
Unravel the moments and
All the pain will change into a memory –
No one said it would be easy now
It’s okay to want more -
That’s why I love you -
Your heart beating in fragile hands,
On the verge of something wonderful
There’s always been a tiny part of me
I’m trying to hide...
Silent for so long because
I’m so afraid of breaking what we made
All the earth seems so tiny in your hands
It is delicate and lovely and
I promise to keep it safe
and sheltered from the storm
Deep within a heart so ravenous,
I thought there was no chance –
But say hello to your future…
This delicate thing we’ve made
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 0 0
You Will Read This Someday
Dear you,
I drank orange juice for you today.  If you knew me right now, you would know that means more than anyone would ever understand.  It was such an obvious change that I was scared someone would ask “why” and I would be unable to lie and keep you a secret.
You have to understand that you will not be a secret for long and I am more than excited to share your pending arrival with everyone I meet.  But for now, you are mine and mine alone.  Until I tell your daddy (wow, that’s a strange word to use for him), you are mine.  Once he knows, he will share in the joy and excitement of everything you will bring to this world.  And once you have entered it, you will never again be just ours.  You will belong to all the people – family and friends – that will love and adore and cherish you as I already do…
You are a poppy seed today…or something smaller than one.  I know you are there because a little pink line told me so.  But I don’t feel
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 1 1
SW: The View from Heaven
Living below us?  No.  Just existing...
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 6 0
SW: The Childless Mother
Collision.  Chose wife over baby.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 5 2
SW: How did you know he was The One?
She described "love" with nonexistent words.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 0 1
SW: Unless No One Was Listening
"Stupid me!"
...hear that?  
Nobody disagrees.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 5 1
SW: She Knows Her Logic is Flawed
...karmic victory.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 2 4
We Can Only Share the Blame
He named the stars for her,
let her live fragments of a fairytale,
but it’s what he didn’t promise –
buzzing heartaches and
the fall to loathing –
that she didn’t want to be counted.
I remember she pointed at me,
passing judgments on his vodka dreams  -
his one night stand obsession,
a distorted Sleeping Beauty -
screaming in pink
and she frowned like a Picasso.
She found him in the stairwell -
adding insult to injury with
“I’m sorry, Baby…”
and almost admitting he was wrong.
“Your love disappoints me… maybe,”
was all she could say.
If I were a better person, not just a pretty face,
you might remember her, losing him -
losing her dreams and perfections.
But this is just a love affair, if you ask me…
And I say, even this will be forgotten,
but I’m as much at blame as him…
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 6 8
She Must Keep the Dream Alive
Star girl, don’t play dead,
for the wind’s magic buries the dead.
The survivor of the storm is lost
somewhere... out the window...
with a long way to go.
Star girl, dreams come true
when angels sing and snowflakes –
sweet as the dream itself,
yet forever unsung –
go crazy after midnight.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 8 11
Sometimes the Pain is Beautiful
This is not all we are –
dramatically entwined,
a matter of life and death.
Sticks and stones and arrows –
Nobody said they wouldn’t hit back.
And next time it might hurt.
My body is a cage –indestructible –
all liquid love and bandages,
the object of his condemnation.
Everything is better in black and white
And blue…and red…
My, what a vivid imagination.
When it rains, I pour coffee and honesty
What a vicious cycle of life…
Or something like it.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 7 7
The Things She Didn't Say
I just called to say, “Confession! I let you hurt me.”
It was a blood bath, my perfect hero,
Yet you never touched me.
If I had just told you, “Confession! I still love you…”
But to err is human and it was a beautiful,
screaming departure.  
Tidbits of truth? – “Confession, first love, I knew we were meant to be.”
But you never thought I would stay
And my wishes don’t come true.
“Well that changes everything,” he said…
She said, “goodbye, selfish, simple love…”
when she needed him most.
A declaration? - “Hatred is my defense mechanism!”
And from here, you are perfection,
So this is not goodbye… yet.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 3 7
Mature content
To Whom it Will Not Concern :iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 12 36
SW: He was Supposed to Marry Me!
Nick Carter engaged?  
Teenage heart broken.
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 0 0
The Object of His Condemnation
I close my eyes and wait,
barely breathing,
as I try to quiet my thoughts
so that I will hear
the click of his key in the door
and the gentle squeak
of the doorknob as he opens it.  
The silence is shattered,
threateningly loud,
not like the quiet tinkling
of shards of a flower vase
scattering on the floor,
but akin to the echoes of
a snapping twig in an empty forest.  
I pull my twitching arms tightly,
closely to my chest
and hold myself,
as a fetus hugs itself,
in the womb,
before ever knowing the touch
of another human’s skin.
The sounds are painful,
piercingly rough,
as though a puppy is yapping
incessantly into my tender ears,
and not comprehending
that his voice is vibrating
back and forth within my skull.
I clench my eyelids shut,
forcefully, like tiny fists
waiting to fight back,
but the darkness behind them
is evaporating and
the waves of white are blinding,
even without illumination.
The sounds escape my throat,
awkwardly, as I scream
and involunt
:iconaeries-raine:Aeries-Raine 1 0

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...apparently it is just as controversial.  Luckily, the liberal-hearted gal I am, I support both.  ;)

[please don't take offense to the title of this journal!]

If you are unfamiliar with "Found Poetry," you should mosey on down to Verbatim Poetry.  If you're familiar with it, you might get some inspiration from it.

A good friend of mine, who is also a photographer and artist, has a motto:  Art is Everything.  Everything is Art.  

While in college, many moons ago, after reading a crapload of philosophical views on art, beauty, and the interpretation and comprehension of both, I came to believe that everything really is art.  Ultimately it is all subjective, which means that if I see a popsicle melting on the sidewalk and think it's art - it is.  If you see a dead bee on the sidewalk, squashed by the bottom of a child's shoe and think it's art - it is.  Art is subjective.  It doesn't have to be beautiful - it has to move you.  Anything that moves you - makes you feel something, anything at all - is art.

So is Found Poetry art?  Sure.  If people taking nude photos of themselves at a weird angle can be called "art," then I sure as hell will fight to the death about manipulating recycled words into something new and being able to call it art.  If you want to call it "slapping together titles," go ahead and continue your close-minded existence.  Because after all, aren't all words recycled?

...although I do have to give mad props to the dA member with the following, [creatively original] titled piece:

Mature Content

...ok, I'm done.  And I encourage all of you to attempt "found" poetry (or even prose).  It's excellent exercise for your mind.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Rancho Viejo, TX
Favourite genre of music: all of the above. [try me]
Favourite cartoon character: Ariel <3



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